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 ARCHIVE: Body Aches and Pains

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Body Aches and Pains   ARCHIVE: Body Aches and Pains EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 1:32 pm

By Dreamsend Nov 9 2007 -

There is talk sometimes of "growing pains" associated with world ascension/earth changes in the people. Things like fatigue, depression, flu/cold symptoms (absent of the actual flu or cold) and more (that many find the medical profession has little or no explanation for). There are some pains that seem to be specific to the otherkin community as we evolve... I know that the winged folk tend to feel "growing pains," from the back or under the shoulder blades. Those particularly sensitive to energy surges and changes have been having symptoms all their own, including joint pain, "heat" in the body, eyesight changes, weight gain or loss and more.

I should mention that all pains, and strange and recurring symptoms should be seen and diagnosed by a doctor to rule out potentially serious conditions. You are still in a human body, and subject to those rules ^^.

-- Dreamsend

By Ishtahar Nov 9 2007 -

The thing that pops to mind is that everyone I know seems to be having problems with their teeth at the moment particularly the kin ones

By Azaz'el Nov 9 2007 -

There is that problem with teeth. I have had my fair share of dentist visits this year, more than any other year.

I have heard about this Dreamsend, and regardless of the medical or scientific theories about belief in being Otherkin, there can often be a strong link to depression and frustration and a real sense of not belonging to the world before awakening begins. often this can be followed by headaches as well as the tiredness etc as the physicla 'human' body begins to try and attune to the awakening Kin essence and energy held within it.

The human frame isn't really conducive to a full Kin essence, but at this currwent stage of the cycle, it's all there is, so we do have to suffer for being who we are.


By Dreamsend Nov 9 2007 -

Ishtahar, by teeth problems, do you mean problems with dental decay and disease? Or "phantom" sort of pains? Or both... I have been having issues with both... of course, I haven't had a chance to go to a dentist in quite a while =)... I have been having "phantom growth" sort of feeling where I expect to feel elongated "fangs," and I don't. It's really frustrating ^^;;

Azazel, I completely agree with you on these counts. In particular I think depression is a major concern with any sort of "awakening" individuals. With headaches, I've come to believe of late that, at least in me, they're connected to the energy that I'm trying to express but am simultaneously suppressing.

And as always, I must make that disclaimer because there are some things that are spiritual, some things that are spiritual + physical, and some things that are physical, and the medical doctor should be involved at some level to make sure that we're not assuming something is purely spiritual when it may be more than or completely physical. happy.gif [/disclaimer]

I have had an interesting effect over the past year regarding my eyesight. I've had poor eyesight for years and once I began to open up to using my psychic abilities more, found that there was simultaneously an "opening feeling" in my third eye and that the physical world through my eyes began to become clearer.. that is, my eyesight improved, and continues to improve, in sync with my "third eye" sight. That's pretty neat. Don't mind those kinds of boons happy.gif

By Ishtahar Nov 10 2007 -

Too right Dreamsend, there are so few obvious benefits to being kin we have to make the most of those we find.

With regard to teeth, I did mean both. Lots of people have been having toothache and having to visit the dentist but Ihave also been feelings similar to what you describe, a kind of inside itch almost but in my teeth. Wierd
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ARCHIVE: Body Aches and Pains
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