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 ARCHIVE: Spiritual Experience

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Spiritual Experience   ARCHIVE: Spiritual Experience EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 4:22 pm

By Riley Oct 14 2008 -

Well I just had a spiritual experience, my chakra's expanded, my kundalini grew, as well as other exciting things.
Today felt different, it truly did, I was riding my bike to college and about 3/5'ths my way there I noticed there was a difference around me. I felt as if the sky ha changed it's feeling. I got to college, did my class and the feeling faded. After riding back to home, about 4/5'ths of the way, it hit me: *I could feel everything energy around me* I looked at the trees and i could feel them. I looked to the sky and I could feel it. Everything looked more vibrant in color, I could breath and feel the energy being pulled into me. I felt soooooo alive. I could push my body even more than i normally could. It made me feel so happy.

Then I got home and the feeling kinda dissipated, and I was kinda missing it. After settling in my room on my bed, it came back. This time it intensified, and I began to feel an incredible amount of love and peace. Soon, I felt the other side, and it's glowing energy. Then, I began to feel as if I really was there, and I went into euphoria, I was so peaceful and I felt such great love. And then I felt a large group gathering around me, all looking at me and loving me in a way I haven't felt love before.

This is the process of ascension. Where the body rises in vibrations and in the full ascension the body merges with the soul and you leave the plane (if you choose to do so). Today was my next to last step. My guide said it was still in preparation. I only have a bit of time left, and then I fully ascend.
Not sure how I began this, or why, but it just happened. I didn't ask for it, it just came on it's own and is developing on it's own as well. This is what zen and Buddha's do, they meditate until they ascend, but I don't need to meditate and be like them, I'm proof that you don't need to let go of everything in order to ascend, sometimes it just happens.

By Ishtahar Oct 14 2008 -

It sounds wonderful. I hope that the next step will come soon and it will be all that you hope it will be

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ARCHIVE: Spiritual Experience
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