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 ARCHIVE: Re-occuring Dream

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Re-occuring Dream   ARCHIVE: Re-occuring Dream EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 9:12 am

By Aislinne Sep 18 2008 -

My significant other keeps having dreams about Dragons bowing to me... that I'm walking down a long aisle... and they are on both sides... and I'm dressed in purple. I don't know how to interpret this for myself. Any ideas?

By Ishtahar Sep 18 2008 -

Purple is the colour of strength and power and was often used by royalty, for example in Rome. It was a very hard colour to get and ever harder to make stick in a cloth without fading. Because of this it was rare and expensive and used to denote wealth and strenth. In Rome only the emperor was allowed to wear it.

The dragons bowing could be a welcome, they could be honouring you they could simply be acknowledging you.

Dragons could be dragons, however the kundalini is a dragon and dragons in symbolism can also denote sexual energy (particularly female sexual energy)

Just some thoughts


By Riley Sep 18 2008 -

Can you put in a bit more detail? I could try to help you. Detail is utmost importance when interpreting.

By Aislinne Sep 20 2008 -

The only other detail I can think of is my form is human but with wings. I asked my significant other to remember the dream for me and he's in the process of meditating on it.

By Dreamsend Sep 20 2008 -

I would also ask him what sorts of feelings he's having while seeing the dream. Anticipation, fear, happiness, rage, sadness? That is a huge clue as to the nature of the dream, as far as I know.

-- Angela

By Aislinne Sep 21 2008 -

When I have the particular dream, I have a huge feeling of anticipation and a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like when you're in high school and you have to give a speech in front of the whole school.

I'd have to ask him what he felt when he had the dream. He's only had it once, but I've been having it a lot lately.
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ARCHIVE: Re-occuring Dream
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