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 ARCHIVE: Unlocking Mysteries

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Unlocking Mysteries   ARCHIVE: Unlocking Mysteries EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 8:21 am

By Evys May 19 2009 -

I have been encouraged to post freely and since I have a soft spot for dreams I thought that I'd come to this section to do so. At the moment I do not have any particular dreams that I'm feeling compelled to share, but I am curious about the sorts of dreams that you all might have.

For me dreams have played an important part of my development. Showing me things about myself that I might have otherwise missed. I don't experience much in the way of visions while I am awake, but when I am asleep interesting things have been known to show up in my head.

So, I am curious, do your dreams give you insights into the spiritual, or are they more reflections of the physical life you are leading? If not through dreaming what ways do you gain more insights into your spirit and purpose?

=) Evys

By Ishtahar May 20 2009 -

A bit of both really. I have grown more and more adept over the years in determining which dreams or even which parts of dreams come from my own subconscious ordering of events in my life and which come from somewhere else. Both kinds contain lessons to be learned.

By Fate May 20 2009 -

My dreams are either of the spiritual insight variety or nightmares that have nothing to do with what is going on with my waking life. The closest thing I come to dreams about the here and now are dreams related to this boy I had a crush on in 4th-7th grades, but almost everything else is a nightmare.

When I begin to have a dream with a strangely constructed house in it, I've programmed myself to wake up, because I know it will be a really bad one. This runs in my family though; my mother and daughter have the same issues, and I think it is related to brain chemistry, because it usually only happens when I am sleeping on my back (I wake up and discover).

By Razi'el May 21 2009 -

i barely ever have dreams anymore, and when i do, remembering them is like catching smoke with your hands ^^;;

i mostly gain insight into my life by using my cards, or listening to that voice in my head i mentioned in my earlier posts, or even sometimes both in tandem. i've started practising dowsing with my cards, laying out a question and possible answers, then using a crystal pendant.


By Scratch May 21 2009 -


I was given the name I use here in a dream. I have all different kinds though.

The ones that really interest me are the ones that feel like experiences. I have the kind that are just random neural patterns enough to tell, there's a major difference. There are some that have influenced me, some that later I remember because of circumstances or events in my life, and even some that refer back to past dreams. I don't do dream work, per se, except for on myself.

What's really weird is when people I randomly meet tell me things to explain or back up details in dreams that feel important.

By Dreamsend May 26 2009 -

I rarely have dreams that reveal anything useful to me =(. I get most of my spiritual insight... from living. I feel like a walking beacon that is *very* receptive to messages and insights from the other realm laugh.gif In other words, I'm channeling, all the time.

By Evys May 30 2009 -

=) I have been a bit distracted of late so I haven't been able to keep up with these posts here. I thank you all for sharing though. I'm trying to balance my expressions and be able to live in the world, while still being able to connect with the things that give me deeper insights into myself. This is probably because I'm so used to spending so much time with myself and in these empty spaces it has been easier for me to find rhythms that promote introspective thinking and dreaming.

So, the thought of exploring some other avenues and opening up some new abilities is a curious one for me. Well, I'm sure that things will end up working out in time. They have a way of doing so. =) Reading your words though, very helpful. So I thank you again.

By Ouza May 30 2009 -


It's time to come home !!!


By Azaz'el May 30 2009 -

QUOTE (Ouza @ May 30 2009, 10:17 PM)


Ouza, one of these days you'll try the formal approach!!!

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ARCHIVE: Unlocking Mysteries
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