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 ARCHIVE: Guided Meditaion

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Guided Meditaion   ARCHIVE: Guided Meditaion EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 11:01 am

By Riley 30 Jul 2008 -

Thanks to Dreamsend for giving me the idea for this happy.gif This is a guided meditation, you can either do it on the spot, or memorize it and do it later. This is designed for recovering past life memories, let me know if this works for you ^^

The great planes, one of green grass, so long and wisps in the wind,
the sky is a deep blue, with majestic white clouds above,
you lie in the grass, feeling the powerful yet gentle warmth of the sun's rays.
you think of life, and feel to stress, for as you lay in the grass, time slowly melts away.
you feel no rush to get things done, no need to catch up,
you are here to relax on the green grass, to think about the good in your life.
you let out a sigh with relief as negativity fades away, feeling no pressure from your outside prison, loving to hear the wind whisk through the wind, blow gently upon your face, relaxing you more.
you close your eyes in enjoyment of the sun, knowing everything will be alright.
Just laying there listening to the wind as it blows.
You open your eyes and look to your left to see a small orchid of trees.
You get up and slowly make your way over,
feeling the soft grass between your feet,
the growing sound of birds off in the trees.
you enter the strong sent of trees as you arrive,
going through the trees and listening to the birds.
You touch a tree and you feel your body begin to heal,
a green light coming from the tree through your touch into your body,
washing away any harm done to your body.
Let the tree heal you as much as you need,
feeling more relaxed as it washes away pains and suffering.
Listen to the soft sound of the birds as you feel your relaxation,
allowing your vision to become more vivid.
You sit against the tree as it finishes healing you,
closing your eyes and feeling like your about to drift to sleep.
You feel a presence in the sky and open your eyes to see it has grown dark.
You stand up once again and walk out of the trees to look up and see the most beautiful sky of stars ever.
You walk out more to obverse the spots in the sky,
feeling as if your getting smaller by just looking.
You look and you find the biggest star,
you know that this star belongs to you and you reach out.
It begins to glow magnificently and slowly grows larger,
feeling the warmth spread over you as the star comes down.
Slowly this star comes down as you feel the presence of it nearing you,
you feel lighter as this large orb of light touches the ground.
You feel a pull towards it and begin to walk forward to it.
Soon it engulfs you,
filling your body with a light that makes you feel even lighter and more pleasant.
Then you feel like your riding in an elevator,
rising up as you stand in an endless void of light.
Your soon dressed in a white Kimono as the elevation feeling stops.
The whiteness soon dissipates slowly and you realize your in a great, white marble hall.
This hall is lit by orbs of light hanging from the ceiling, the roof held up by the most biggest pillars you've seen.
The hall has a great magnitude and makes you feel large and powerful.
You look down the hall and see it splitting into 4 other halls, but in the center is a gold bowl.
You walk over to the bowl still feeling light as air,
anticipated to look into it.
You look down and see water.
You know that this is your memory bowl,
it contains all the memories of this life and your past life.
you may ask this bowl to show you what past life you want to see.
Ask it what you want to see,
if you wish to see nothing,
then do not ask.
When you are done looking into the bowl,
take a few steps back from it and think what has happened.
When you are ready to leave,
ask to do so out loud,
and you will be in the white star again.
Once you enter the orb, you will feel an elevator movement of down,
still feeling light and healed.
The whiteness dissipates like last time as you take a step out into the starry night.
You rise your hand and soon it grows to day,
feeling the suns rays again you feel very relaxed,
and no pressure once again.

By EaruAralay 2 Aug 2008 -

I'll definitely try this one out!
Thanks for the idea =)
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ARCHIVE: Guided Meditaion
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