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 ARCHIVE: graphic art

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: graphic art   ARCHIVE: graphic art EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 11:07 am

By Hope 19 Oct 2007

i kinda doodle around when im really overwhelmed by something... then just looking at it and letting myself be carried away to another world often times helps... oh how i wish i could take someone along with me. if anyone wants it takes me about 1-2hr to make one...

My Gallery [user posted link at http://hephaeustus.deviantart.com/ ]

By Azaz'el 19 Oct 2007 -


Hope, they are amazing!!!! The third one, of what looks like a white moon is the one that draws me.... there's something about our moon that can take over me and make me long for .....something.

I take it you are drawing these on your computer? I tend to doodle a bit, but mainly pen and ink. You should look into perhaps selling them or finding a way of having them displayed.

Are these from imagination or from memory? Have you tried to link back to the ancient past and see what you can draw from then?

Keep going with them, you have an amazing talent.


By Hope 20 Oct 2007 -

yes its all on done on the comp but they are not memories or images in my head... they are symbolic... everything in them represents something. planets tend to represent people or souls, bright stars represent forces, mainly emotional, and the nebula's represent events and moments and their shape represent anything.

by Dreamsend 20 Oct 2007 -

These are really outstanding! The stars in the third one remind me of some of the pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of stars and nebula... they really put my mind at ease.

(I feel the same way about the moon, too wink.gif )

Thanks for sharing these with us biggrin.gif

By Ishtahar 20 Oct 2007 -

Thank You!!

These are amazing. I was most called to the first one, the colours are amazing.

It sounds as though they are too personal to you to be a commercial enterprise but you would make a fortune I am sure

As Dreamsend said...you have an amazing talet and I am honoured that you have shared it with us

By Ellysium 7 May 2008 -

Wow, Hope, those are incredible!
They draw me in like real pictures of space do, with a sense of peace and longing.

What program did you use to make those? I'd like to learn how to make graphic art, because the effects are awesome, and I'd never really be able to get that with pencil (my main medium right now).

By Laviah 5 Aug 2008 -

Oh, Hope! Thats beautiful!!! ohmy.gif
I'm in at at the first one though. To me, the more I stare at it, I get the feeling it reminds me of me. Like, for instance, the planet is my mind. And the two nubela's beside it are like the opposites within me. Like twins. But yet they are as diffrent as Gothic and Preppy! laugh.gif
To tell the truth, I sometimes catch myself arguing with (quess who?) Myself! biggrin.gif Actually, dont get me wrong, I ant crazy (except for music) but I do this alot. I dont know why. I guess you could say I got two souls! hahaha

But anyways...

"Hope, they are amazing!!!! The third one, of what looks like a white moon is the one that draws me.... there's something about our moon that can take over me and make me long for .....something."

Strangely Azaz'el, I feel the same way you do about our moon. To me, it also feels as if it can protect me. And Im always finding the need to look at it. I dont know if this is possible for a Awakening Vampyre like me, but, perhaps I could be "feeding" from it...? Is that even possible??? blink.gif

And thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures Hope!

By Hope 31 Aug 2008 -

i haven't been here in a long time but i updated those images since you all seem to appreciate them smile.gif

as for how it's done, i have no formula, i just do what i feel

By Ishtahar 4 Sep 2008 -

That's the best way Hope. You have talent.
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ARCHIVE: graphic art
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