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 ARCHIVE: Awakening memories

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Awakening memories   ARCHIVE: Awakening memories EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 6:21 am

From Azaz'el 20 Sep 2007:

I'm not sure if others are experiencing this is a similar way, but there is a real sense right now of running out of time. It will be good to look back at this post in 2 months time and see how much my senses were right or wrong, but I have a very strong feeling that we have to 'become' by Samhuinn of this year - that's 31st October 2007.

As much as I am trying to find answers, the Guides and Guardians I have asked have been very reticent about sharing information. So as usual I am having to rely upon my own knowledge and instinct. We have until the end of October to understand much, to remember more and to accept completely. From the beginning of November my feeling is that we have to 'be' .... or in other words stop being who we are now and have not only integrated but also have become who we were. Memories of the First Times are increasing, and I feel we need this to become once more. Why? So that we can face the next year or so balanced and in harmony. We are facing one or two years of conflict and disharmony as we head towards the events leading up to the War. This is why we have to become, to awaken and be who we were, who we really are.

Perhaps it is time for us to stop hiding, at least to Humanity if not to other Kin.

What does anyone else think?


...in the silence of your heart is the echo of our Race..... remember me and listen...

From Ishtahar 21 Sep 2007:

I have also experienced a sense of time runing away from me although I have not distilled it down to a particular time.

I know that Samhuinn will be important this year but I dont know why.

I have had a feeling in my stomach for days now that I can only describe as the feeling you get when you suddenly remember that you have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

What is going on? No doubt we will find out soon enough

Time is a strange thing, the whole of it can be condensed into a single moment and that moment can be stretched to swallow infinity, But in this moment at this time....I am all yours.

From Dreamsend 23 Sep 2007:

I used to have that feeling, too, a couple of years back. It was really strong and made me feel panicky like all the time.

Frantically, I began doing "training" - with kin friends on our psychic and spiritual senses, on my physical strength and martial arts training that I was doing at the time, and on the level of my knowledge about the world. After a few months the feeling was replaced by a different feeling of... I guess riding the wave. I have the feeling that all is in perfect order and proceeding to plan. January will reveal much.

I also have heard similar messages in the past, in stages, over the past few years. Like hearing "believe, believe, believe" over and over; then it changed to "become," and then to "be." I've backtracked to "become, become, become" of late, or it alternates between the two.

Hope that is some help.

-- A

Dancing under the Moon's light, arms stretched wide, dancing in the garden, talking to the stars, dancing with the Earth, our Mother, singing with the Moon, my Mother, and laughing

From Ishtahar 23 Sep 2007:

Yes, I think we are trembling on the edge between become and be. Sometimes one seems more important and sometimes the other.

Maybe it is that become is important until we have become and then we need to be until it is time to become more?

Believe is always an issue for me. There are times when I believe everything and there are times when I believe nothing

Time is a strange thing, the whole of it can be condensed into a single moment and that moment can be stretched to swallow infinity, But in this moment at this time....I am all yours.
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ARCHIVE: Awakening memories
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