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 ARCHIVE: a wall, very vivid dream of mine

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ARCHIVE: a wall, very vivid dream of mine Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: a wall, very vivid dream of mine   ARCHIVE: a wall, very vivid dream of mine EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 5:47 am

By Hope Feb 22 2008 -

im sorry i haven't been here in a long time, i went away for a while and then just forgot but i had a dream a few nights ago that made me remember this place.

it was incredibly vivid, i was on some foreign planet, the ocean was dark blue and rather still, no life, there was no land in sight, there were thick fluffy scattered clouds hovering close to the ocean and I was flying high above them, the sky was gray, solid overcast gray, and the sun was just a fuzzy glow. it seemed as though it was dark, late dusk, since the sun was blocked out so thoroughly; there was no wind, no movement, no sound.

i dived down and flew low to the water heading for the sun. all of a sudden there was a wall... millions of stories high, indescribably huge, i could not see the top at first. as i got closer the gray overcast thinned and i could see out into space, the sun fell behind the wall, there were massive clouds pilled high against the wall as if all the clouds from the ocean were being pushed slowly against it. there was a giant staircase leading from the ocean to a tower in the wall... i could see many more towers as i look along the wall, all spaced evenly, bulging out in massive rectangular shapes. the wall itself was made of gray stones, the tower had dragons on the top. i flew up the wall and when i got to the top there was no atmosphere, it reached out into space. i saw the rest of the planet, it was terrestrial and a lot smaller as if the ocean was adding a fair bit of diameter to it, there was also no atmosphere. when i looked to the sun it was this ball of energy not gas, it was a home, a sanctuary to familiar entities (they just seemed familiar, like seeing a familiar face but not knowing from where or when, or the name), they were winged and flew around, in and out of it; the sun was made from their "bodies". now here's the freaky part, the sun looks a lot like that eye in the new logo yet i never saw the eye prior to the dream.

By Dreamsend Feb 24 2008 -

What an interestingly vivid dream happy.gif! I would love to have a dream like that, myself, but.....

as for the content, especially the beings that lived within a sun... if I remember well, Naamah-Ninmah-Charat posted a link a little while ago with some memories held by another being... and I remember reading something along the same lines there, too.

She posted that in this thread: Melek Taus

-- Dreamsend

By Araqiel Feb 24 2008 -

Either my feeling are so differnet or my perception of things is warped but Azazel and Melek Taus seem different beings too me or like one rooting in the other. The picture is more like one of many flowers grown out of the center one bigger flower or so.

Though the linked page is interesting:


"This is because Satan was a later invention of the Holy Roman Church. The shaitans were not originally considered evil, but part of God's angelic heirarchy known as Judges."

Sounds pretty right to me.

By Azaz'el Feb 24 2008 -

Well, from my perspective, I and Melek Taus are different........ there is a link, but we are different beings. It's partly the reason why i started to thread, to see what other peoples opinions and memories were.

The cnocept of the 'wall' is something I have had experience of... although for me it was a large wall of water. It appeared like a giant frozen wave or tsunami, although the water wasn't actually frozen, just unmoving. On my side of this wall was this world and the relative peace of humanity, on the other wise was the Shadow and the trouble and war they would bring. That was in the days before I knew I was also Shadow.


By Araqiel Feb 25 2008 -

The wall as the veil you mean I take it.

By Azaz'el Feb 27 2008 -

For me the wall wasn't a veil it was actually a barrier between he world I knew and the world that was to be. Bearing in mind that this was astrally/spiritually, so ws very much a metaphor for what was coming. Thats how it was for me at least.


By Hope Mar 1 2008 -

for me i think the wall was more of a metaphor, of a barrier separating convenient lies and the truth, the clouds being the lies (peaceful but limited) and the open sky being the truth.

i dont know what the life forms are in that case but something else i didnt mention, i remember traveling to that place from earth and there was a 2D map of the star, earth, a nebula, and the planet

By Ishtahar Mar 4 2008 -

I have also had experience of a wall. In my experience it was a wall of darkness which represented a barrier...not, I think the veil that your refer to araqiel... it was made up of the bodies of many shadow beings, some pushing one way some another. Into this mass and mess my daemon lover vanished and has not returned to me since....so I am afraid of the wall and how close it is coming to us, it looms in my mind if I think of it so i dont think of it.

Interesting though that it is an image which seems to be coming to so many albeit in different ways and forms

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ARCHIVE: a wall, very vivid dream of mine
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